250,000 Smart Meters Settled in Taiyuan, Shanxi

Taiyuan Power Supply Branch has replaced 250,000 smart meters in the city and successfully completed the task targets issued by provincial companies.

Since the launch of the smart meter replacement work, the leadership team of Taiyuan Power Supply Branch attached great importance to this work and incorporated this work into the work focus of the 2011 branch, establishing the "Taiyuan Branch Company's User Power Information Collection System and Supporting Household Table Rebuilding Project Construction Leadership. The group has clearly defined the organizational structure and management requirements for the various aspects of the promotion and construction, and formulated a detailed “user power information collection system and implementation plan for the supporting household table renovation project”, determined the strict time node requirements, and rationally decomposed the project. The division of labor among the various implementing agencies has ensured the smooth progress of construction projects with strong organizational guarantees.

In the early stage of smart meter publicity, Taiyuan Branch prepared a variety of materials to be placed in the business hall and the front door of the reloading community, making full use of outdoor advertising, television, Internet and other media to promote the power grid target="_blank">smart grid and smart meter exchange Relevant policies, knowledge, and excellent performance of the equipment, and actively distributed leaflets and broadcast videos to communities, streets, and communities to create a good atmosphere for smart meter installation.

Taiyuan Branch attaches great importance to the progress and quality control of the implementation of smart meter replacement, strictly follows the relevant regulations and technical regulations of provincial companies to control and control the installation of smart meters, and various daily, weekly, monthly and analytical reports cover all aspects. , Seriously analyze the problems that have occurred during the implementation of the project, and sum up them in a timely manner to prevent similar problems from happening through control measures. At the same time, it actively coordinated the material supply department and made every effort to ensure that the materials were in place on time. It also went through on-site inspections with the safety and security departments to inspect the quality of the project. Problems were identified and rectified in a timely manner, and resolutely put an end to the complaints caused by the quality or service attitude of the smart meter. Thanks to active and effective measures, the number of smart meter installations has increased month by month since the large-scale smart meter replacement in June.

In the winter, when the temperature drops suddenly, the Taiyuan branch will continue to sum up experience and carry out smart meter work in an orderly manner with the principle of “safety, quality, and service” in order to lay a solid foundation for achieving “full coverage” of residential users' smart meters. basis.

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