3D holographic projection and 360-degree phantom imaging

We often see a three-dimensional holographic communication technology in science fiction movies, which can project people or things in the distance into the air in three dimensions, just like the scenes in the movie "Star Wars." In addition, with the development of science, all devices are miniaturized and refined, and the current display devices cannot match them. Humans increasingly demand a new display technology to solve the problem. The 3D holographic projection just played this role.

The difference between 3d holographic projection and plane projection

Put holographic projection in plane projection

That is to say, holographic projection uses air or other three-dimensional as a light reflection medium. Even if you use glass with arcs, you cannot achieve 360-degree visibility. There must be a blind spot.

360 degree phantom imaging

The 360-degree phantom imaging system suspends the three-dimensional image in the mid-air imaging of the real scene, creating an atmosphere that is both illusory and true. The effect is peculiar, with a strong sense of depth. The cabinet is stylish and beautiful, with a sense of technology. The four sides of the top are transparent, and the true spatial imaging has bright colors, contrast and high definition; there is a sense of space and perspective. Form the middle of aerial illusion. Can be combined with real objects to achieve the combination of images and real objects. Can also be equipped with a touch screen to achieve interaction with the audience. It can be made into four-sided windows according to requirements, with a maximum of 2-4 meters on each side. It can be made into a holographic phantom stage, a three-dimensional 360-degree demonstration of the product; live and unreal people performing on the same stage; the fantasy stage of the Science and Technology Museum. It is suitable for individual items with rich details or internal structure, such as watches, cars, jewelry, industrial products, characters, cartoons, etc., giving the audience the feeling that they are completely floating in the air, and the specific size can be flexibly set according to customer requirements.

System Features:

Fashionable and beautiful, with high-tech display products, the four-sided transparent 360-degree spatial imaging shows colorful, space and perspective, forming an air phantom combined with a physical model, to achieve a strange fusion and interactive display of images and real objects, on-site visitors can pass a variety of Gesture actions, manipulate the rotation of 3D car models, and component decomposition.

Application occasions: exhibition halls, libraries, museums, science and technology museums, archives, entertainment halls, exhibitions, expositions, etc.

Main application areas: theme parks, museums, exhibition halls, historical sites

Display method: Build scene and install equipment according to design script

Hardware equipment: main model scene, modeling lights, projector, computer, audio, central control system

Digital content: 3D digital content


1. The image height can be 50 cm to 200 cm (adjust the image height of people and objects according to user needs)

2. The facial features of the characters are clear, the skin color is restored correctly, the hair is clear, the visual layering is good, and the three-dimensional sense is strong

3. The background props can be arranged according to the real spatial position, so that various visual elements are displayed according to the real spatial position relationship perspective relationship in the real environment, the visual content is rich, and the three-dimensional sense of the scene is strong

Technical means:

Design the development of the story according to the script, using special effects such as sound, light and electricity to display historical events or reproduce scenes.

Exhibition environment:

Power consumption: 220V 5000W or more Number of participants: several people

Stay time: more than 10 minutes Production cycle: According to the script design

Lighting requirements: dark light safety, protection requirements: none

Application recommendation:

Phantom imaging technology can be applied to various types of museums, celebrities' former residences, century-old towns, historical streets, theme parks, heritage parks, urban planning exhibition halls, libraries, science and technology museums, archives, entertainment halls, exhibitions, and expositions Famous mountains and rivers, etc.

360-degree holographic phantom imaging system 360-hologram is also called 360-degree holography and 360-degree holography, we call it 360-degree holography here.

360 holographic imaging is also called three-dimensional holographic image, holographic three-dimensional imaging. It is a four-sided cone made of transparent material. The viewer's line of sight can penetrate it from any side. Through surface mirroring and reflection, the viewer can see from the cone See freely floating images and graphics in the shaped space. The four video transmitters transmit the optical signal to a special prism in this cone, which is brought together to form a three-dimensional image with real-dimensional space.

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