Advantech ARK-5280 Discrete Control System DCS Application in Power Industry

I. Project Background

With the continuous rise of modern large-scale power industry production automation, the control requirements are becoming more and more complicated. Along with this, the DCS system came into being according to market demand. As an integrated control system, it is computer technology, system control technology, network communication technology and multimedia. The combination of technologies can provide a window-friendly human-machine interface and powerful communication functions. It is a modern equipment that completes process control and process management.

Second, the project solution

Discrete control system DCS (abbreviated distributed control system) CRT screen display technology and automatic control technology as one of the computer control system, which centralized management and decentralized control of the production process, that is distributed in the production process in various parts of the microprocessor As the core process control station, each part of the process flow control, but also through the data communication system with the central control room monitoring operations station networking, so also known as the distributed control system (TDCS).

Integrated Control of DCS for Generator, Electric and Furnace of 4×125MW, 2×330MW Units

Integrated Control of DCS Integrated Control Machine, Electric, Furnace, Auxiliary Workshop and Public System for a 50MW Unit in a Thermal Power Plant

The advantages of this solution are:

1. Since the fan is the weakest point of failure in a harsh environment, the fanless features of the ARK Series IPCs greatly increase the life of the machine.

2. Conduction heat dissipation makes it have a good seal, can effectively cut down the dust caused by oxidation of the dust/corrosive gas on the signal conduction point, reduce maintenance costs, suitable for high dust in DCS applications, temperature change is relatively large occasions use.

3. The integrated multi-serial program used by ARK-5280 eliminates the need for expansion and helps users save costs.

4. Through 2 PCI expansion cards, it can flexibly expand functions; there is an audio output port, providing alarm operation; solid appearance, small size, simple installation and maintenance.

III. Project System Diagram

Fourth, ARK-5280 product introduction

Compact, fanless fanless construction with Intel Pentium M and Celeron M up to 1.8GHz
·Supports dual independent display with built-in system digital DVI and analog VGA/CRT interface ·Two PCI slots for PC board expansion ·Rubber anti-vibration board fixing strip for PC expansion board ·Support DC input (DC 9V- 32V) ATX power module

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Flexible LED Strip

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