Ai Jiuwa: Strengthening brand marketing ability and deepening the LED lighting market

[High-tech LED reporter Tang Guirong reports] " China has so many LED lighting companies, but until now there is no real national brand enterprise." On June 9, Shenzhen Ajiwa Group President Jane Zhisheng said at a press conference. Showing a hint of joy.

At the same time, Ai Jiwa's first batch of LED lights successfully lit up the Forbidden City in Beijing and was approved by the Palace Museum. Jian Zhisheng said that this is a combination of traditional culture and modern technology. At the same time, he also said that with the maturity of LED lighting products, the lighting industry has ushered in a transition from traditional lighting to LED lighting.

“And this period is also the best time to shape the brand.” Therefore, after Ai Jiwa’s strong capital investment in the layout of design, R&D, production, service and sales, Jane’s promotion highlighted the marketing segment. “This year the company’s focus is on improving brand marketing capabilities.”

In today's LED lighting, the market is chaotic, the price wars and quality wars of various companies are on the rise. However, many LED lighting companies are very lacking in brand marketing capabilities. According to "High-tech LED" observation, most LED companies do not have a complete marketing department, and there is no perfect brand system.

Regarding brand positioning, Jian Zhisheng said that Ai Jiwa will represent three aspects: First, with the shift of the world economic center of gravity, the weight of Chinese national enterprises will become heavier and heavier. Ai Jiwa first locates national brands and distinguishes them from Philips and Osram. Foreign brands. Second, it is positioned as the leading LED brand in China, leading the market in terms of concept, product development and marketing strategy. Third, do social responsibility brand.

In the next step, Ai Jiwa will enhance brand marketing capabilities, participate in more public welfare activities, and promote the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection among consumers through microblogging, modern network technology and other channels.

In fact, before determining the brand route, Jane had already strengthened technology and laid out the market two or three years ago.

As the predecessor of Ai Jiwa, Shenzhen Edvar Technology Co., Ltd. has a unique process in the heat-dissipating end of LED lighting. It has designed the airflow design and improved the heat-dissipation effect. At present, it has obtained invention patents. In addition, with its special heat-dissipating material, the thermal conductivity can reach 120, which can solve the problem of LED light decay.

After the technology matures, Ai Jiwa will carry out market layout. First, the headquarters will be settled in Beijing, and the Shenzhen company will be a branch.

"Choose to be based in Beijing, mainly considering contacting engineering orders." Jian Zhisheng said that the current LED lighting market is chaotic, and many companies' product quality and price are not guaranteed, which is undoubtedly a major blow to dealers. “If there is no hard product quality and cost advantage, premature laying channels will only make you fall into the Red Sea.”

Therefore, Ai Jiwa first targeted the engineering market. Jian Zhisheng said that the current market focus is on project engineering, which allows the company to achieve the first stage of success through the project market. It is understood that the current lighting projects that Ai Jiwa has completed include the Beijing Forbidden City and Shanghai Jiaotong University. “The engineering case is the best brand display.”

For the future planning, Ai Jiwa said that its future goal is still in the retail market. At present, Ai Jiwa will put more energy into the brand maintenance. When the cost and technology are more mature, the dealers will profit by walking the way, and let the Ajiwa brand fly into the homes of ordinary people.

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