Allegro DVT Launches Compliance Test Data Flow for Emerging Video Standards

21ic News Allegro DVT recently released its latest H.264 SVC Scalable High-End Level 4.2 Compliance Test Suite and H.264 MVC Stereo High-End Level 4.1 Compliance Test Suite to enable these two emerging, full HD content (1080P60 and full HD 3D) scalable video delivery standards have a comprehensive test system. To this end, the professional electronic information technology market research organization Beijing Huaxing Wanbang Management Consulting Co., Ltd. made a special trip to the leading company in the Silicon Valley region of France.

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As digital audio and video content is widely distributed through digital TV, Internet, mobile communication networks and other media, the rapid adoption of new mobile phones, PMPs, set-top boxes, tablets, Blu-ray players and tablets, as well as various HD and 3D content formats And standards continue to emerge, in order to ensure that content can be accurately played on different platforms and networks, the importance of digital video and audio compliance testing is increasing, which also brings test services and testing tools for various standards compliance. demand.

"With the widespread adoption of various video standards such as H.264, the need for standards compliance testing by vendors and operators has also grown rapidly." Allegro DVT co-founder and CEO Pierre Marty told Huaxing Wanbang Chief Analyst Liu Zhaohui. “This is because implementing a new video standard requires a lot of compression technology. Although various chip and system developers can basically do the same when developing the decoder, they use different architectures and algorithms when designing the encoder. To improve compression efficiency, standard compliance testing of encoder and decoder products is required."

Headquartered at the foot of the Alps, Allegro DVT was established in November 2003 to become the world's leading digital video compliance test service and test data stream by focusing on research and development of various video and audio digital compression technologies and actively seeking related special positioning applications. supplier. The company currently has 25 employees, 22 of whom are engineers, and co-founder Marty was the product architect for the ST Microelectronics set-top box business unit.

To date, Allegro DVT has developed three product lines including various conformance test data streams, intellectual property (IP) for chip design, and broadcast products. Its more than 70 customers are world-class manufacturers, including Intel, NXP, TI, ST and Broadcom chip manufacturers, NTT operators and other equipment manufacturers such as Siemens and Fujitsu. Asia-Pacific manufacturers including China's Hisilicon, Spreadtrum and Guoxin account for 40% of their total customers.

The new AV standard brings tremendous opportunities to the development of Allegro DVT, especially since H.264 and MPEG4 have higher complexity than MPEG-2, so from the original encoder, decoder chip and system The design begins with the necessary testing at each step before the large-scale deployment of set-top boxes and digital TVs to prevent extremely expensive, time-consuming and labor-intensive redesigns and inefficient mass production.

To this end, Allegro DVT offers a variety of test suites, each of which is combined for a subset/application level. Products from Allegro DVT include the following verification tools: MPEG-4 and H.264 basic verification data streams, audio/video system level data streams, and high-end forward-looking test data streams. These products are suitable for different stages of new product development, and when used together, they form a complete system test suite.

“Test data flow is a set of automated work test scenarios. For example, our H.264 basic data flow suite contains a series of data streams, each of which is fast and simple for a specific video function. Analysis," said Mr. Marty. “Every step of the test will be endorsed and compared to our reference video decoder software to produce the expected decoded image to find the problem. We also provide error elimination tools and complete reference documentation to help designers find and solve problem."

The system-level test data flow for set-top boxes and digital TVs is more complicated because the digital TV standards vary from country to country, and the testing requirements for system products are also very strict. For example, for the digital TV standard DVB-T used in Europe, the system data stream provided by Allegro DVT provides static image analysis, audio/video synchronization, image analysis dynamics according to ETSI TS 101 154 V1.8.1 (2007-07). Eight data streams, such as changes, video codec dynamics, image aspect ratio, dynamic format descriptor, picture caption synchronization, and DVB caption synchronization, were tested.

“For the emerging standards of the future, we have also launched a corresponding test data stream that can help designers develop outdated products,” concludes Mr. Marty. "We have recently introduced a new level of data streaming for H.264 and MPEG4 standards to fully meet new developments such as Full HD, 3D and Adaptive Bandwidth. The latest products include SVCs that support HD mobile video broadcasting. Extended Level 4.2 compliance test data stream and stereo Level 4.1 MVC compliance test data stream supporting 3DTV."


Figure 1. Allegro co-founder and CEO Mr. Pierre Marty introduces the company's recently launched 3DTV test data stream.

Figure 2. Allegro video test data stream demo


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