[Annual Meeting] Morning Science and Technology Qianxuexing: Fruit powder glue realizes the color temperature of the module and the height of the index is consistent

[Text|High-tech LED reporter Xu Chaopeng] "The current flip-chip solid crystal process has four key points: First, material selection, selection of bonding materials according to wafer electrode material and positive and negative electrode spacing; Second, solid crystal operation, adjustment of equipment parameters; Control of welding voids, including wafer back gold thickness, soldering temperature, time and solder paste formulation; Fourth, residue response, involving no-cleaning and water washing.” Qian Xue Technology General Manager Qian Xuexing in 2014 Gaogong LED On the morning of December 13th, the annual meeting was expressed by the sub-forum of “Technology-Driven Supply Chain Transformation New Opportunities” titled by Liyang Optoelectronics.

Qian Xuexing, General Manager of Morning Technology

For the welding process of solid crystal solder paste, Qian Xuexing told everyone in the keynote speech from Material to Solution that for the packaging of LED chips, SnAgCuX alloy solder paste is used as the medium, and the chips and gold, silver and tin are plated. The solderable metal support substrate is connected by high temperature to meet the requirements of fixing and heat dissipation.

At the same time, Qian Xuexing also mentioned a very important concept, namely fruit powder glue. It is understood that it is a combination of silica gel and phosphor powder to customize the color temperature and the standardized parameters of the index. When controlling the sizing parameters, a dispensing process is performed, which is a hemisphere or a straight shape. Its advantage is that it can achieve the color temperature of the module and the height of the index by the integrated package test.

“The LED flip-chip package uses fruit powder glue, the manufacturing process will become quite simple, and there are few related manufacturing equipments. Except for the solid crystal machine and the reflow furnace, the small equipment is small, and the occupied space is small, so that the LED light source manufacturing automation process height Integration. The next generation of fruit powder glue will be reflowed to make the manufacturing process streamlined and the automation set higher." Qian Xuexing finally mentioned.

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