Aoyang Shunchang adds 1 billion yuan to expand LED chips

In the new wave of LED capacity expansion, Aoyang Shunchang (002245, shares it) is not lonely. On the evening of June 18, Aoyang Shunchang (002245) announced that the company's controlling subsidiary Huai'an Aoyang Shunchang Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. has signed the project investment framework with the Qinghe District Government of Huai'an City, Jiangsu Province and the Qinghe New District Management Committee of Huai'an City. Agreement, intends to invest in the construction of LED epitaxial wafer and chip industrialization project (Phase II), with a total investment of 1 billion yuan.

Huai'an Optoelectronics is currently constructing LED epitaxial wafer and chip industrialization project (Phase I), designing blue and green chips with an annual production capacity of 1.8 million pieces. At present, 50% of the capacity of the first phase of the project has been completed and put into production. The core MOCVD equipment has arrived at 20 units, 15 of which have been mass-produced.

The announcement shows that the LED epitaxial wafer and chip industrialization project (Phase II) is planned to be put into MOCVD equipment equivalent to 40 sets of 69 machines or about 50 sets of 54 machines. The project construction period is two years. After completion, new blue and green chips for lighting will be added. The annual production capacity is about 2.4 million pieces (equivalent to 2? epitaxial wafers).

“After the completion of Huai'an Optoelectronics Phase II Project, the annual production capacity of the first and second phases will reach 4.2 million pieces (equivalent to 2? epitaxial wafers), and the company's industry status and competitiveness will be greatly improved.” Company Secretary Lin Wenhua Tell the reporter that the LED epitaxial wafer and chip industrialization project (Phase I) under construction is expected to be completed within the year and the current production and sales are booming. The company plans to construct the second phase project according to the established development strategy, which is conducive to rapidly expanding the company's production capacity. Grasp the opportunities for industry development.

"The LED industry's second season peak season effect continues, both upstream chip factories and downstream packaging plants, there is a phenomenon that capacity is in short supply." Li Peng, a researcher at BOC International, pointed out. Since March of this year, downstream packaging companies have signed supply agreements with upstream chip companies, which fully demonstrates the downstream expectations of chip shortages, including the signing of the strategy of Mulinsen and Aoyang Shunchang, the largest domestic packaging company in May. The Cooperation Agreement is intended to purchase chip products with a total amount of not less than 400 million yuan in the next two years.

An LED industry believes that in recent years, the global LED market has grown at a compound annual growth rate of more than 20%. With the advancement of technology and the reduction of costs, the rapid increase in market penetration in the future lighting industry will bring LED epitaxial wafers and chip markets. With great potential, the expansion of Aoyang Shunchang is expected to fully enjoy the dividends brought by the industry outbreak. According to the existing production capacity of the industry company, according to the announcement of the Australian Ocean Shunchang, after the completion of the second phase of the project, it will become the mainstream manufacturer of LED epitaxial and chip in China.

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