Apple adds new patents

Apple adds new patents

According to foreign media reports, Apple also acquired a new patent on Thursday. The function of the patent is to be able to use voice to search photos.

It is understood that this patent is entitled "marking or using a voice-based digital assistant to search for images", specifically using voice tags and retrieving photos stored on iOS devices.

Based on the information recorded, this system can assign photos to photos based on people, places, or activities (using voice commands for automatic search) and use the same principles for picture retrieval. Interestingly, Apple stated in the application background data that “Although photo shooting and digital image storage technologies have greatly improved in the past decade, traditional photo marking methods are still not intuitive, difficult to use, and time-consuming”.

Currently, iOS and OS X systems support manually tagging or tagging photos. With this patent, once a photo is tagged with a tagging technology, similar photos can be automatically tagged with the same or similar tags, eliminating the need to tag each similar photo individually.

Of course, the voice assistant mentioned in the patent refers to Siri. Industry sources said that in the future, Siri will be based on this patent, with the ability to search for photos by voice, and the user will no longer be able to randomly look for photos in albums.

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