Apple sues Samsung 10 mobile phone infringement again in Germany

Apple sues Samsung 10 mobile phone infringement again in Germany January 18 news, according to technology website BGR reports, Apple recently filed a lawsuit against Samsung in Germany, claiming that Samsung’s 10 smartphones infringe on its patents and demand that related products be banned.

In addition, Apple filed another lawsuit against Samsung Electronics’ 5 tablet computers, which was related to the ban on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet PC in September last year.

Last month, the Düsseldorf Court stated that it is unlikely that a ban will be issued against Samsung Electronics’ new Galaxy Tab 10.1N. The Court of Appeal also questioned Apple’s design ownership in the European Union. Apple’s prior ownership of the product caused Galaxy Tab 10.1 to be banned from sale.

A Samsung Electronics spokesperson stated that the company has received notice of these two lawsuits and is not commenting on it for the time being.

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