Apple: The day of leaving Jobs

A recent article in Fortune magazine pointed out that Tim Cook had made some subtle changes after taking over Apple. The huge difference in the company's operations between Tim Cook and Steve Jobs has transformed Apple from an engineer-driven, product-oriented company to a production-oriented conservative company. This shift is intuitively reflected in the changes in Apple products. Although Tim Cook has no intention of weakening Apple's innovation genes, the two products launched under its leadership are only an iterative upgrade of Jobs's “heritage” and are alleged to be “innovative”. Insufficient sex."

Last year's iPhone 4S release, Siri voice assistant became the biggest highlight of the entire conference. Siri is also the first innovative product from Tim Cook, which may become the fourth human-computer interaction revolution after command line + keyboard, graphical interface + mouse, and multi-touch. However, Apple's indiscriminate propaganda has created a high expectation for public opinion. When Siri once surpassed its own function to become the user's preferred method of use, disappointment followed.

A former Apple employee admitted that if Jobs is alive, he will be crazy about Siri.

However, Siri's previous negative news is indeed a lot. Some users have taken Apple to court with "Siri is not smart enough" and "advertising exaggerated features." IBM has blocked Siri within the company based on information security considerations.

Even users have personally tested whether Siri ads are exaggerated. Developer Paul Kafasis once imitated Apple's actor Samuel L. Jackson to let Siri set a reminder, but Siri couldn't understand the sentence "put the gazpacho on ice in an hour." Kafasis even used Jackson's recordings in the ad directly, but it didn't help.

According to Siri founder Dag Kittlaus, in fact, at the beginning of Apple's acquisition of Siri, Jobs expressed dissatisfaction with the name "Siri", but because there is no better name, he has to give up.

If Jobs is alive, facing the user's doubts, will he scream at the Siri team about MobileMe:

"You have tarnished Apple's reputation. You should hate each other because you are so disappointed with each other. Our friends can't say our strengths anymore."

However, Tim Cook is very sensible. He thinks that Apple's management is not to think about it from the perspective of Jobs. It is not to think about "What will Jobs do when making decisions?", "Is Jobs satisfied?" And should be from Apple's position. set off.

What is Apple's position? In the eyes of the violent "product manager" Jobs, the launch of great products is Apple's top priority. But for "entrepreneur" Tim Cook, selling more Apple equipment and keeping the company's profit growth is even more critical. Tim Cook does not intend to weaken Apple's innovative genes, but tolerance for products is not responsible for Apple-loving users. A popular, mediocre apple may be coming.

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