Black Friday Special Glory V8 Down to 1999 Yuan

[IT168 What is worth buying] As the flagship of the glory brand, Glory V8 is the industry leader in both design and hardware. For example, the high-quality version has a 2K-class display, a rear dual camera, and a polished metal body. Formally based on these excellent features, the price of the glory V8 is very strong, and it has remained at around 2,200 yuan. However, with the advent of year-end promotions, the price of the Glory V8 has finally loosened. To receive a 100-yuan voucher at Jingdong Mall, you can start with only RMB 1999, considering that this product is below the 2,000-mark mark for the first time. With Jingdong quality and service guarantee, it is definitely worth it.

11/25 Day Value Product Recommendation (Prices are for reference only)

Glory V8

4GB+32GB, Mobile Unicom Dual 4G
1999 yuan [View] 4GB+32GB, full Netcom Edition 2299 yuan [View] Recent Value models recall charm blue metal 2.5D glass, ten-core processor, clearance processing 646 yuan [View] Millet 4c Andrews Little Prince, Xiao Long 808, super cost-effective 699 yuan [View] Millet Note 5.7-inch large screen, double-sided glass, MIUI system 888 yuan [View] Millet Max value of the big screen machine, millet produced 999 yuan [View] Huawei mate 7 Domestic large Screen myths, now fall to the thousand yuan level 1095 yuan [View] ZUK Z2 cheapest Qualcomm 820 flagship, scared to death 1299 yuan millet [View] Millet 5 support Mi Pay credit card convenience, clearance diving price 1559 yuan [View]
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In terms of appearance, the Glory V8 is equipped with a 5.7-inch screen with a resolution of 1080P. The use of metal integrated body design, coupled with 3D drilling and cutting bright edge design and sandblasting process micron-level spraying technology, makes the glory V8 presents different metallic textures in different angles, and at the same time feel grip and wear degree than In the past, it has been improved a lot.

In terms of configuration, the Glory V8 is equipped with a Kirin 950 processor and uses a 16nm FinFEF+ process to achieve a better balance between power consumption and performance. Supplemented by a 4GB+32GB storage combination, running EMUI 4.1 (Android 6.0 based) ensures smooth operation of the phone. In terms of network, Glory V8 has two versions of mobile and Netcom, and it has a V8 Netcom high-end version with Unicorn 955 available. On the camera side, the Glory V8 uses a 12 million dual camera design, which is the same as the Huawei P9's Leica dual camera imaging principle. Therefore, the imaging effect is also worthy of recognition. The 8 million front camera can also meet the user's demand for self-timer.

In general, the Glory V8 is a comprehensive flagship product. It not only has mainstream performance and superior experience, but also has a tough industrial design. It is an example of glory products. At present, the aircraft in the Jingdong Mall to participate in promotional activities, receive 100 yuan coupons, only need to 1999 yuan to start, taking into account this product is the first time below the 2,000 mark, there are Jingdong quality and service protection, it is worth recommending.

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