Cree releases 6-inch SiC backplane

Cree has released a SiC backplane with a diameter of 6 inches (150mm) (published in English). Mainly used for LED, high frequency components and power semiconductor components. According to Cree, the company's SiC backplane is mainly 4 inches (100mm). If a 6-inch base plate is used, the production efficiency will be improved, which will help reduce the cost of components.

It is understood that the popularity of SiC power components will accelerate after mass production of 6-inch substrates. This is because the increase in production efficiency helps to reduce manufacturing costs, and the price of SiC power components is expected to decrease. Currently, some manufacturers are in the process of producing SiC diodes fabricated using 4-inch substrates. With the popularity of the 6-inch base plate, it is estimated that the number of manufacturers engaged in the SiC power component business will increase.

In addition, Cree said that the density of the microtubes (one of the crystal defects) of the 6-inch product does not exceed 10/cm2.

25MM Metal Switches

25MM Metal Switches  are fashion in appearance and excellent in quality with IP67 dust-proof and waterproof grade. The Power start control system has always enjoy the sound reputation in the long-term international transaction. 25MM mounting hole metal Anti-Vandal Switch could equip with LED Light , it can be two-color LED light bead, such as red and green, or red and blue color.

Anti-Vandal Switch

This series Metal Push Button Switch has obtained relevant quality certifications in Europe and the United States, and can be used for dust-proof, oil-proof and waterproof stains in harsh working environments. All the material has passed the strict customs declaration to ensure that this metal switches could meets the requirements of green environmental protection in Europe and America. REACH contains Substances High Concern SVHS, also could offer our customers PPAP reports. We are paying very close attention to Green environmental protection project, which is not only our requirements on products, but also our company's attitude towards the international environmental project.

Stainless Steel Switch

The research and development department of Taiwan's head office has put much more emphasize on research and development on the existing basis, innovate the Illuminated Push Button Switch to achieve 50,000 electrical life under 16A125VC and 16A250VAC conditions. And could have 10,000 electrical life up under 26A125VC and 26A250VAC condition, offering our customers reliable quality guarantee.

25MM Metal Switches

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