DC 2p 3p PV Surge Protector 20-40ka Surge Protection Device

Model NO.: GDPS
Shape: Module
Material: Nylon
Certification: ROHS, ISO9001, CCC
Brand: Golden or OEM
Voltage: DC 500V, 550V, 800V, DC1000V(3p) 1200V, 1500V
Us(Ka): 20ka
Imax(Ka): 40ka
Warranty: 2 Years
Indication: Green(Good) Red(Replace)
Color: Orange
Series: DC SPD, Surge Protector, Surge Protective Device
Where to Use: Solar PV DC System
Terminal Screwa: M5
Altitude: 2000
Trademark: Golden or netural or customer brand
Transport Package: Standard Export Carton
Specification: 2p and 3p
Origin: China
HS Code: 8536300000
DC 2p 3p PV Surge Protector 20-40ka Surge Protection Device

(1)Product Description:
This solar spd 20KA-40KA SPD is applied to provide fine overvoltage protection of 
electronic equipment whose power is supplied by direct-current power supply.
 It is D-level overvoltage protection device, is design according to IEC and GB standard,
 is available in a variety of different power supply voltage and selector corresponding specifications.
It is use for high temperature resistant plastic with excellent tightness, and easy to install wiring.
Adopt temperature control circuit technology which has built-in over current breakers and thermal fuse circuit breakers, automatically trip because of deterioration.
It is designed modular deterioration instructions, flame-retardant shell.
It has dustproof, anticorrosion and other functions.
It is used in a relatively harsh environment staying a long-term stability
The remote signal port can achieve remote alarm control.
It is widely used in the DC power lightning protection of solar power systems, mobile communication base 
stations, microwave communications bureau, telecommunications room, plant, civil aviation, finance, 
securities and other system.


solar surge protector GDUPS-2                 GDUPS-3
PV DC specific (LEC 6614-1/EN 61643-11)
Pole 2 pole 3 pole
Electrical Parameter
Classifical test II II
Uoc max (V DC) 500  800 1000 1000
Uc (V DC) 500  800 1000 1000
In(8/20)us (KA) 20 20
Imax(8/20)us (KA) 40 40
Up (KV) 2.0 3.8
Remote control and indication
Indication window
Plug-in module
Remote signal contact
Remote signal contact Max working volt 250V AC/30V DC 250V AC/30V DC
Max working amp 1A (250V/AC) 1A (250V/AC) 1A (250V/AC)
1A (30V DC) 1A (30V DC) 1A (30V DC)
Wiring & installation
Wiring capacity(mm2) Hard wire 4-25 4-25
  Flexible wire 4-16 4-16
Stripping length  10 10
Terminal screwa M5 M5
Torque(Nm) Main ciruit 3.5 3.5
Remote signal contact 0.25 0.25
Protection class All profile IP40 IP40
Connection port IP20 IP20
Installation environment No obvious shock and vibration
Altitude(m) ≤ 2000 ≤ 2000
Working temperature -3.0--+70 -3.0--+70
Relative humidity 30%-90% 30%-90%
How to install Install with H35-7.5/DIN35 stell mounting rail
Size(mm) (W*H*L) W 36 54
H 90 90
L 67.6 67.6
Weight (KG) 0.27 0.4
Nominal PV system volt 600V 1000V 1200V
MCOV(UCPV) 700V DC 1170V DC 1200V DC
Max system discharge Current (8/20us) (Imax) 40KA 40KA 30KA
Volt protection leve (UP) ≤ 2.5KV ≤ 4.0KV ≤ 4.5KV
Volt protection Level at 5KA (UP) ≤ 2.0KV ≤ 3.5KV ≤ 4.0KV
Integrate fuse breaking capacity/interrupting rating 30KA/1000V DC 30KA/1000V DC 30KA/1200V DC
Technology Short-circuit interruption (SCI) overcurrent protection
Operating temperature range -40 to +80
Nominal discharge current 12.5KA
Response time (ta) <25ns
Operating state/fault indication Green (good) / Red (replace)
Mounting  35mm DIN Rail per EN 60715
Degree protection IP20
capacity 3 modules DIN 43880

Packing list
DC 2p 3p PV Surge Protector 20-40ka Surge Protection Device
DC 2p 3p PV Surge Protector 20-40ka Surge Protection Device

Inverter:On grid and off grid inverter for 5 years warranty.
Surge protector: B,C,D Class, AC, DC type you can choose. Different types and discharge current you choose.
Manual transfer switch:  1A~1600A, 3P/4P.
Combiner box :Metal and plastic,can design as you need.
Insulator:SM and EL series insulator
Metal Enclosure for Transfer switch:  Metal box, size can color can be customized. 
Plstic distribution box:   Different ways, competitive price,  welcome to contact. 

1)Q:How can i trust your company?
A:Golden electric is 
The top 10 ATS manufacture in China - more than 350 Agents in local market and more than 100 foreign  clients make OEM,ODM order from us,Golden electric is a big company, we have cooperation with LS, EKF the world-class companies. Our company over 100 employees, products pass CE,IEC,TUV,SAA, RCM, ROHS certificates.
2) Q:Your products?
     A: Golden electric is factory for Automatic transfer swithc,Surge protector device,distribution box Enclosure, inverter, DC fuse etc. Providing customers very competitive sources, and can be your sourcing agent in China. Goods are following international standards, IE, CE, ISO9001 ,SGS etc.
3)  Q:   Do you have forwarder?
      A:   Yes, we have good forwarder cooperated over 10 years, they help us import and export . For small package orders, suggest to use by Express.
4)  Q:   Your address ?
      A:    Locates in Guangzhou province, China,welcome to visit us
5)  Q:What's the automatic transfer switch(ATS) guarantee?
       A: 2 years warranty. If customer's problem, then customer burden. If our problem, then we send new goods to customer to replace asap. 
6)  Q:What's about MOQ? Delivery time ?
      A: 1pcs for ATS. Normally less than 1000A ATS with stock, quick support. 
7)  Q: What's the payment term?
       A: Normally 100% T/T in advanced payment. If big order then about 50% advanced payment, balance before shipment.
8)   Q:What's your contact information ? 


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