Design and precautions for heating, ventilation and air conditioning control (HVAC)

The design scheme is shown in the following block diagram:

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning control design circuit diagram

Design considerations

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Control (HVAC) systems are becoming more complex as manufacturers design many features into their products, making them more reliable, quieter, more efficient, and more at ambient temperatures High level of comfort. Texas Instruments offers products that meet the needs of these higher performance systems.

Energy efficiency:

Digital signal controller systems save energy. Since most air conditioners are under light load conditions, the air conditioner controlled by the inverter will adjust the motor speed of the compressor by changing the frequency to achieve light load. This allows designers to use high-efficiency compressor motors in outdoor air conditioning units.

Power Factor Correction (PFC):

PFC is a technique used to eliminate the adverse effects of electrical loads (which create power factors less than one). PFC is required due to continuous transients and surge currents in the motor; it is also used to boost the regulated supply voltage up to 300V to 450V and then used to power the 3 opposites of the final control motor. With TI products, the PFC can be implemented externally using a separate integrated circuit or in a digital signal controller without the need for a separate external PFC controller.

High voltage isolation:

TI offers isolation products that block high voltages, isolate ground, and prevent noise currents from entering local ground and interfering with or damaging sensitive circuits for larger, higher performance systems that use reliability and motor control accuracy as key metrics .


Texas Instruments offers fully integrated solutions such as digital signal controllers (for digital motor control, PFC and other system functions) and relay drivers that provide up to 5V logic that can reside on the board 8-channel, zero-voltage detection and 5V linear regulation.

Home network:

The home mesh network consists of home appliances, audio/visual equipment, HVAC systems, lighting fixtures, etc. Wireless connectivity and remote control are now possible with TI's ZigBeeTM products. TI offers customers industry-leading ZigBee®-compliant solutions and a wide range of patented RF-IC products that drive innovation in low-power RF applications. Manufacturers of HVAC and thermostats (or indoor controller units) are able to develop products that can communicate wirelessly with each other. Moreover, the temperature setting can be controlled by the remote control unit. With TI's low-power wireless solution, family members will benefit from universal remote control: 1. No wired connection required 2. Expanded range, allowing anyone to remotely control any ZigBee® device from anywhere in the home. 3. Allow two-way communication.

Power management:

Offline 24V power cords are generally suitable for most homes. TI offers buck controllers and linear regulators to convert this off-line voltage to a voltage (usually 3.3V or 1.8V) that can be used by a microcontroller or room controller unit on a thermostat.

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