Escape VR Game "Storm" in Blizzard Steam

Those who have seen the "her day" must remember the storms and tsunami in the movie. Human beings are always so small when faced with natural disasters. A VR game named "Storm" transplants the scenes in the movie. In the game, players are facing a huge storm.

The official poster looks very quiet

Storm is a very small scene simulation game. This VR game for a few minutes is developed by a group of college students. There is only one chapter in the game. When players wake up in a strong storm, you will be slowly frozen to death. In order to resist the biting cold, players must find refuge.

The player's perspective is very low

This is a scene experience demo between a game and a movie. The visual beauty of extreme environments is like a real storm. This is a beautiful and fatal experience, although the weather is not too cold now. So Xiaobian recommends that all friends turn on the fan and the air conditioner while playing the game. I believe you can get a better sense of substitution.

Hiding in the car is a good choice

Storm's current game content is not much, but the production team has developed a development plan, they hope that players can play in different environments later. It may include sandstorms, jungles, etc. in the desert, and each scene will have a story and plot connected in series.

It’s better to change its name to “Smog VR”

The game is currently on Steam and supports HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, priced at 15 yuan.

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