G5603 section of National Highway 205 Shenzhen Section and Shenzhen Metro Line 3 Lighting Night Scenery Project

Zhongzhao Lighting Award Lighting Engineering Design Award (outdoor/bridge, road) outstanding nomination award

Project Name: G5603 section of National Highway 205 Shenzhen Section and Shenzhen Metro Line 3 Light Night Scenery Project

Reporting unit: Shenzhen Jinyueda Technology Co., Ltd.

Project Description

   National Highway 205 is a main skeleton road of the economic development axis of Shenzhen's eastern region. It wears "three circles" inside and outside Shenzhen, echoes the "eastern industrial axis", and connects the city's "four major groups" to make the economy highly prosperous. The urban area and Longgang District, which has more land resources, are connected and cross the Buji, Henggang, Longcheng, Longgang, Pingdi and other street offices. This transformation combined with the construction of the Shenzhen Metro Line 3 will drive the pace of urban construction. It is important to improve the city's basic supporting facilities and improve the city's appearance. The night lighting project of the project will cooperate with the landscape rectification along the 205 National Road to enhance the urban lighting environment, meet the needs of the Universiade and improve the travel environment of residents.

First, the scope of design

1,1 Shenzhen Metro Line 3 along the line, from the Caopu Station to Henggang Station 6 station room outdoor landscape lighting.

2. Landscape lighting of the viaduct pier of the 14-kilometer ground elevated section between 6 stations.

3. Overpass: The landscape lighting of the four overpasses of Hunan Interchange, Dafen Interchange, Danzhutou Interchange, Henggang Interchange and Hunan Interchange.

4. Landscape lighting of 19 pedestrian bridges

Second, the design concept

1. Platform

The subway platform usually uses the blue LED light to express the effect of the quiet harbor. The LED lamps make the dazzling changes of the color of the lights through the DMX controller, showing the lively atmosphere. Performance mode, the upper wall of the subway platform uses LED color-changing wall washer to wash the wall surface, the lower wall uses LED flood light to wash the wall surface, and the LED digital tube is installed on the curved steel beams on both sides, and is installed in the middle of the decorative strip. LED lighting.

2, viaduct

Metro viaduct lighting, we installed high-power LED color-changing floodlights under the pier to illuminate the piers. Each bridge pier is installed under the DMX controller to make the color of the lights change according to the needs, and the stalwart of the elevated piers is displayed. The entire line of line 3 is like a giant dragonfly swimming in the colorful clouds.

3. Overpass

(1) The overpass along the line is the most expressive position of the whole line. Hunan Interchange, Dafen Interchange, Danzhutou Interchange, Henggang Interchange, we use a combination of colorful LED digital tubes and LED wall washers or LED spotlights. Outline the outline of the overpass, and through the change of light color, the contour of the overpass will be concentrated to show Huihong's momentum.

4, pedestrian bridge

The pedestrian bridge along the line is not only the scenic spot of the train, but also a view point. There are many pedestrians at night. The increase in brightness can also increase the safety of passing pedestrians. The expression adopts LED lighting to decorate the outside landscape, and the T5 light source is added inside the bridge. Increase the illuminance in the bridge to meet the needs of functional lighting.

Innovations in lighting design concepts, methods, etc.:

Lighting design concept:

On the subway platform, we usually use the blue LED light to express the effect of Ninggang Bay. When the train enters the station, the DMX controller makes the dazzling change of the color of the light, showing the lively atmosphere, making the icy building full of vitality and becoming the space for people's activities.

Considering the 14-kilometer subway viaduct as a whole, making it a giant dragon that extends along the city, installing specially designed LED high-power floodlights under the pier, and making colorful changes through centralized controllers. The entire Metro Line 3 performance is like a dragon swimming in the clouds.

The overpass along the line is the most expressive position in the whole line. The Danzhutou Interchange is currently the largest mass road interchange in Shenzhen. It is also the largest volume interchange in Shenzhen. We use colorful LED digital tubes to outline the overpass. And the LED floodlights are installed on the side of the outer retaining wall of the overpass, so that the shape of the entire overpass is undulating, and the view of the outside of the overpass is dazzling, making the entire overpass full of Huihong.

The design of the pedestrian bridge along the line focuses on functional lighting to meet the lighting needs of pedestrians.


Considering the local lighting effects without splitting, through the realization of centralized control technology, it becomes a whole.

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Energy saving measures in lighting design:

This lighting design has been fully considered in terms of energy saving.

This project adopts LED energy-saving light source in material selection, saves energy from power consumption, and selects LED lamps that meet the needs of lighting effects without additional light pollution through the actual lamp selection on site.

In the control, the intelligent control mode is adopted, and the scene control is accurately and efficiently controlled to control the power consumption fee, and the effect is achieved by different combinations of light and light in different periods, thereby achieving the purpose of saving energy.

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