GLACIALTECH launches new green GL-SP15 series LED spotlight

Recently, GlacialTech launched a new green GL-SP15 series of LED spotlights. The GL-SP15 series is available in a variety of models, including infrared sensor driven light sources and CCD camera accessories.

Both products consume less than 21W, but can replace traditional halogen lamps over 150W. In terms of working life, the life of this LED spotlight is 35,000 hours, while the traditional halogen spotlight can only be used for 3,000 hours. This spotlight is expected to save 86% in energy costs. Border=0 GL-SP15 Series LED Spotlight Sample
The GL-SP15 series is dust-proof and waterproof. It has obtained CE and FCC international certification and is compliant with RoHs standards. This type of lamp can be used in architectural or landscape lighting as well as in traditional indoor lighting.
Performance characteristics:
GL-SP15 series has 3000K, 6000K two color temperature luminous flux range from 650lm to 950lm
Input voltage is AC 100V-240V
Typical operating temperature is -20 degrees to +40 degrees. Typical efficacy is 31 lm/W to 46 lm/W.
Compatible safety standards: EN60598, EN61347-1+EN61347-2-13, EN55015+EN61547, EN60825-1, FCC 18

18W-80lm/w Tube

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