Google plans to release Pixel 3 Laptop in 2017 using the latest Andromeda OS

According to two independent and reliable sources, Google plans to release a new Pixel laptop in the third quarter of 2017. The research project, which Google calls Bison internally, has also been dubbed an informal nickname, Pixel 3, and will be the first application of Google's Android/Chrome OS running the Andromeda operating system on laptops. Bison will be the pinnacle of the Google Pixel team and the Android and Chrome OS team over the years.

Bison is a 12.3" ultra-thin laptop, but Google also wants to use it to support tablet systems. As a result, you may be wondering whether Bison will become a Lenovo Yoga-style conversion device or like Microsoft. The Surface Book is as easy to split as possible, but I personally prefer the former to Bison's ultra-thin model, which may use an Intel m3 or i5 core processor with 32- or 128-GB SSD capacity. Or RAM reaches 8GB or 16GB.This means that Bison will have two modes. Its main features are: has a fingerprint scanner, two USB-C ports, 3.5mm plug, a large number of sensors, pen support (Wacom pen (sold separately), stereo speakers, four microphones, and a battery that lasts for about 10 hours. The keyboard is backlit, and the glass trackpad will use tactile monitoring and force detection similar to Apple's laptops. Google plans to move these configurations around. Compressed into a laptop computer that is only 10 mm thick, this laptop is significantly more than the previously mentioned and Apple ultra portable version It is thin.

When we think of the manufacturer's suggested retail price for Pixel notebooks in the past, we wouldn't think that this new laptop would be expensive. In fact, Google's pre-sale price is still competitive in the market, although it is still not cheap: Bison is priced at US$799. As mentioned before, Wacom pens will be sold separately, and Google plans to host a retail conference in the third quarter of 2017.

At the time of the Bison launch, Google is ready to demonstrate how Andromeda runs on different companies, developers and pen-driven app devices. This will prove that Bison and Andromeda will provide users with a notebook that can be developed with Apple and Microsoft. The computer is comparable to the new laptop experience.

At this time next year, we will be able to see that Google is showing us the first laptop with the best performance of Android and Chrome OS. This will be a real watershed in the development of Android and Google. This article reports on Google Andromeda in advance so that everyone can taste fresh, and will follow up on the latest news about Andromeda.

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