Guangdong Province LED industry development bottleneck

According to reports, Guangdong Province has selected 11 industries including electronic information, LED and electric vehicles as the development focus. The development focus of the LED industry is LED chips, packaging, and a new generation of energy-saving lighting equipment. The industrial gathering places are Jiangmen, Zhongshan, South China Sea, etc., plans to form an industrial scale of RMB 100 billion in 2012.

The development of LED industry in Guangdong is not bad, accounting for half of the total output value of LED in mainland China. Among them, LED packaging has the most outstanding performance. Its output accounts for 70% of the whole continent and 50% of the world. However, LED development has become The industries with a scale of RMB 100 million still have three major restrictions, such as incomplete industrial chain, small scale of enterprises and inadequate policy planning.

First, we discuss the restrictions of the industrial chain. According to the relevant report of the Guangdong Provincial Research and Research Center, Guangdong LED enterprises are mainly located in the middle and lower reaches of the industrial chain. The core chips, especially high-power LED chips, mainly rely on imports. When the core components are in the hands of others, the ability of the enterprise to be priced is limited. Therefore, the shortage of the industry chain is the biggest constraint on the development of the LED industry in Guangdong.

In addition, the scale of the company is not large enough, so it lacks in research and development capabilities. It is not easy to seek, nurture and retain high-level talents. The problems at the individual enterprise level are also closely related to the overall dilemma of the above-mentioned industries. The shortage of local talents naturally increases the dependence on overseas manufacturers.

In terms of policy, the planning and policy support of emerging industries need to be strengthened, and some policies to promote industrial development are not obvious. The above report also pointed out that due to the government's insufficient support for midstream manufacturers, although Guangdong's LED industry is leading in the mainland. But has not yet reached the impact it should have.

In fact, the above three major problems are not limited to the LED industry. Most of the selected key industries have similar bottlenecks, waiting for the government and enterprises to work together.

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