Intel Shows Fourth Generation Ultrabook Prototype

To be honest, the first two generations of Intel Ultrabooks are not considered a successful product. They are basically the ultra-thin design of the Apple Macbook, and then installed on the Windows system, but the power consumption is not well controlled. . In particular, some low-priced products are very tasteless, and they have neither good performance nor long-term endurance. Even with the Windows 7 system with touch version, the experience is very general.

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However, due to the introduction of the Windows 8 system, the third generation of ultrabooks is more personalized in the design and use experience, in order to contain Apple's similar products. For example, ASUS's Tai Chi, Lenovo's Yoga and other products, in addition to using Intel's next-generation standard on the hardware, have better performance and endurance performance, and also incorporate the features of Windows 8 system support touch into the design, equipped with support for 10 points. The capacitive screen of the operation can also achieve a screen flip of 180 degrees and above, and switch to the so-called "table mode" to better use the touch function of the Windows 8 system.

In addition, Intel also released the fourth-generation ultrabook processor code-named "Haswell" at CES and demonstrated the prototype Northcape. In addition to full HD touch screens, enhanced processing performance and up to 13 hours of endurance, Northcape also provides design inspiration for a number of hardware manufacturers, combining tablets and notebooks into one, in regional mode display area Automatically switch to a smaller size for easy palm grip without misuse.

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