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"Smart Home", in layman's terms, is a networked intelligent home control system that combines automation control system, computer network system and network communication technology. Connect various devices in the home (such as audio and video equipment, lighting systems, curtain control, air conditioning control, security systems, digital cinema systems, network appliances, and three-watch CC) through a home network. Give users maximum efficiency, convenience, comfort and safety.

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Compared with ordinary homes, smart homes not only have traditional living functions, but also provide comfortable, safe, high-grade and pleasant family living space. They also transform from the original passive static structure to a tool with dynamic intelligence, providing a full range of information interaction functions. To help families and the outside to maintain information exchange, optimize people's lifestyles, help people to effectively arrange time, enhance the safety of home life, and even save money for various energy costs.


ITAV smart home system combined with home security, temperature and humidity sensing, smart home appliances and other systems, you can easily achieve the high intelligence and fully automated life that you can see in science fiction movies, really give you a five-star home . Smart home needs to make it easier for users to manage home devices. It can control home devices through ITAV's WIFA touch screen ITVF85, eliminating the troubles caused by a large number of remote controls, and performing scene operations to make multiple devices form linkages; At the same time, through the two-way communication function between the WIFI central control host and the touch screen of the ITAV, the various devices in the home can communicate with each other, and can operate interactively according to different states without the user command, thereby bringing the maximum efficiency and convenience to the user. Comfort and safety.

CONVENIENT convenient

• Every morning, at the scheduled time, by programming the ITAV's programmable WIFA central control console, the curtains will automatically rise, the large floor-to-ceiling windows will automatically open the windows, and the bedroom will remember the soft music, calling you to get up and start a new one. The day.

• Whenever sunset, your home's lights turn on automatically and all brightness is on your pre-set level.

• At bedtime, just tap on the ITV WIFI touch screen, all lights are turned off, heating or air conditioning is reset, the TV is turned off, the garage door is closed, and all open sound systems are turned off. Start to sleep well!

• When a friend comes to the party, gently tap the party mode on the touch screen software preset, the dazzling lights in the room start to beat, and the dynamic music will ring, creating a relaxed and active party atmosphere.

SAFER security

• No matter where you are, your home security system makes it easy for you to check his operation at any time, and if you find an unexpected situation, you will respond immediately or send you a report.

• When a guest visits, after pressing your doorbell, the system is linked by the ITAC WIFI two-way technology. You can see which friend is at the door through the 7.5-inch widescreen of the ITVF85 touch screen while sitting on the sofa. , tap the touch screen lightly, and the door will open.

• When your child is alone at home, accidentally playing with a gas switch or slamming the carpet at home, ITAV's smart butler will notify neighbors loudly for the first time, then notify the parents by phone and will automatically start. The fire prevention and disaster prevention system in the home guarantees the safety of personal and property in the home to the utmost extent.

• When there is an uninvited guest breaking in, the home audio system will automatically open the scare offenders, and notify the local police and the owner in the field through the alarm linkage system.

ENERGY EFFICIENT Energy Efficiency

• Reasonable control of energy-consuming equipment to reduce operating costs is a way to save energy.

• When leaving home, the ITAT central control system automatically turns off the lights and adjusts the heating and cooling equipment that does not need to be fully loaded.

When you travel, check your home and adjust your system to save energy

• When you are lying in bed watching TV at night, the system will gently turn off the TV box sound, pull up the curtains, and slowly increase the air conditioning temperature.

• When the family goes out to work during the day, the system will automatically turn off some unnecessary electrical equipment, such as air-conditioning lighting water heaters, etc., and will start to re-open the air-conditioning water heater and other equipment when everyone is about to return home.


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