LED analysis test program - LED color and brightness test plan on the production line PCB

LED color and brightness test plan
( Feasa LED Analyser )
LED (Light Emitting Diode) is one of the fastest growing industries. Its high brightness, low energy consumption and long life are widely used in various fields, and it is considered one of the most promising industries. However, the difference in the photoelectric characteristics of LEDs often leads to inconsistencies in brightness and color of multiple LED combinations (LED screens), damage white balance, reduce display quality, and severely appear flower screens and mosaics. At present, the detection methods include special analyzers and manual visual inspection. The special instruments are equipped with many configurations, high cost, strong professionalism, high requirements for users, mainly facing R&D engineers of large enterprises; some small enterprises with limited technical strength and limited funds are common. The method of manual visual inspection has obvious shortcomings, requires the experience of the inspectors, has a large workload, is prone to visual fatigue, leads to missed inspection, and ultimately leads to inefficiency.
Therefore, our company is currently launching LED color and brightness test program, with a limited, technical and financial condition, a fast, simple, reliable and economical LED color and brightness test program for everyone to choose.
First, the principle
The LED optical signal is collected through the optical fiber, and is converted into a LED test (analysis) module through photoelectric signal conversion. The analysis data is imported into the computer through various data interfaces, and is connected to the ICT online test and the function test program to generate a data report.
Second, the use of Feasa LED analyzer
1. Feasa LED Analyser is a measurement system that enables fast color testing of the color and brightness of LEDs. Each LED analyzer can simultaneously measure up to 20 different colors and intensity sources. Collected from fiber optics (POF) for measurement and analysis. The device is an automatic test device designed for LEDs and liquid crystal displays.
2. The analysis result can be read through the parallel interface, RS232 serial interface or USB interface. Reading back the required information takes less than 1.5 seconds, making it ideal for integration into automated test equipment (ATE). Multiple LED analyzers can be used simultaneously for more than 20 LED applications.
3. Applications for functional testing and ICT online testing. Test applications range from LED displays to mobile phones, automotive lighting locations, and inspection systems in the industry or electronic component production lines. Also applied by artificial vision.
Third, the advantages of Feasa LED tester
The system is designed to ensure good repeatability.
Highly accurate LED color reflected in different color spaces.
Easy to install.
Off-the-shelf tools are easy to use with 1mm fiber (POF).
Ideal for use in small spaces.
The sensitivity of the LED analyzer sensor can be modified.
Flash and PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) can also be tested.
Serial RS232, ICT and USB interfaces.
The system used in LED analyzers can measure and test the color and brightness of all types of LEDs.
Use different versions of the test, from 2 to 20 channels to suit any type of application
Fourth, the application of Feasa Led tester
ICT online test
function test
LED color brightness
Car dashboard
Car brake light
Indoor and outdoor lighting
Mobile phone display
Industrial and medical instruments
Architectural lighting
Five, parameters
Red Peak Efficiency Wavelength 615 nm
Green Peak Efficiency Wavelength 540 nm
Blue Peak Efficiency Wavelength 465 nm
Total Operating Wavelength Range: 450 nm to 650 nm
Supply Voltage 5.0 V
Supply Current 120 mA
Interface USB
RS232-C Compatible
Daisy Chain Feature
Output Data Format Intensity
* Saturation is the degree of whiteness emitted by a LED
Contained in Aluminium Enclosure
Dimensions 127mm x 57mm x 38mm
Fiber Length 0.6m
Fiber Diameter 1.0mm, including cladding
Number of Fibers 6, 10 or 20 Fibers
Minimum Bend Radius of Fiber 15mm
Operating Temperature Range 0°C to +50°C
White x = ± 0.0015, y = ± 0.0015
Red (615nm) ± 3nm
Green (540nm) ± 4nm
Blue (465nm) ± 3nm
Feasa 20 Channel LED Analyser Part No.: Feasa 20-F (Test up to 20 LEDs)
Feasa 10 Channel LED Analyser Part No.: Feasa 10-F (Test up to 10 LEDs)
Feasa 6 Channel LED Analyser Part No.: Feasa 6-F (Test up to 6 LEDs)
Feasa Optical Head (Vertical Access) Part No.: OH-3
Feasa Optical Head (Side Access) Part No.: OH-4
All LED Analysers are supplied with Software, Optical Fibers, Receptacles, Cables and Fibercutter free of charge
In the current LED test mostly using manual visual inspection, Feasa LED tester can fully play the role of process control in LED assembly, effectively guarantee test accuracy during LED PCBA production process, combined with ICT online test and Functional testing, without increasing the test station, improve efficiency, achieve fast, fully automated, and avoid human error.
The Feasa LED Tester is a powerful, highly accurate, highly repeatable, adaptable, easy to use, fast, fully automated LED color and brightness measurement sensor for a wide range of PCB industry and test equipment.

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