LED drive power puts higher demands on intelligence

With the development of society, many living products and electrical appliances have begun to improve the humanized operation of products to artificial intelligence. LED drive power products are not far behind, using a variety of humanized, intelligent design LED drive power products are commonly used in high-power LED street light power, electronic ballasts, tunnel lights.

LED intelligent lighting control system for centralized monitoring and control, according to the needs of use, time-division LED street lights, garden lights dimming, can save 20% to 30%, and can extend the life of the lamps. The control of each phase is stored independently using preset information. When a fault occurs in a certain line in the system, the fault point and the fault nature can be detected and saved immediately, which is conducive to troubleshooting, saving manpower, material resources and time.

In order to make the bridge have more stunning light and shadow performances and landmark effects on the river, design a complete high-tech intelligent control system and light and shadow change scheme for the bridge, which can make the bridge produce a cheerful or brilliant or invigorating or quiet scene. The effect of change makes the bridge and the world of water and landscape people have a better interaction and blending, thus writing a beautiful and colorful cadenza.

The bridge LED lighting control system adopts the TCP/IP protocol and is optimized by signal transmission, so that the connected LED lighting system has more connected devices and a longer connection distance. The transmission control protocol makes the control quality and reliability of the LED lighting system higher; the two-way communication makes the remote monitoring and control of the equipment more efficient, and makes the LED landscape lighting control system more stable. The main functions that can be realized by LED lighting system are: 100-level brightness adjustment, 16-level brightness adjustment without gradation loss; display frequency up to 85Hz; color adjustment capability RGB 256-level independent adjustment; brightness depth up to 1024; white Detection function Each controller in the system can detect the input interface signal (indicator report); support the user to configure the screen information; power supply mode DC24VAC110 ~ 220V, support remote control, serial communication. The LED lighting intelligent control system can complete the consistency of time control, eliminate the time error of the power supply system, and ensure the transformation quality of various LED animation scenes. The application of the intelligent control system reliably controls the stoppage of LED street lights and garden lights in different scenes.

From the overall point of view, although the LED driver power companies have different understandings of technology, it is inevitable that the future will be the same. Although some companies have made breakthroughs in new technology points, improving overall performance is still a constant technical topic in the industry.

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