LED general lighting market will eliminate low-voltage LED chips

The reason why the LED general-purpose lighting market is full of people's appetites today attracts the attention of so many people. The reasons are nothing more than the following three aspects. First, its market is large enough; Second, LED common after the end of this year or early next year The first year of the lighting market will come, that is, the ratio of LED lighting fixtures to total lighting fixtures will exceed 10%. Third, the market for incandescent, fluorescent and energy-saving lamps is basically supplied by a few companies such as GE, Philips and OSRAM. Different from the business monopoly, the LED lighting fixtures produced by these big lighting suppliers today account for only about 10% of the total lighting market. That is, the LED general lighting market is not yet a monopoly market, and everyone has the opportunity to play inside.

However, most LED chip suppliers today are in danger of going out of business because the low-voltage LED chips they produce today will be increasingly difficult to sell into the LED general lighting market. why? Because of the appearance of high voltage LEDs, high voltage LEDs have two distinct competitive advantages over low voltage LEDs:

First, at the same output power, high-voltage LEDs require much lower drive current than low-voltage LEDs. For example, Epistar's high-voltage, blue light 1W LED has a forward voltage drop of up to 50V, which means that it can output 1W with only 20mA of drive current, while a 1W LED with a normal forward voltage drop of 3V requires 350mA. The drive current can only output 1W power, so the high-power LED with the same output power dissipates much less power during operation than the low-voltage LED, which means that the cost of the heat-dissipation aluminum housing can be greatly reduced.

Second, high-voltage LEDs can significantly reduce the loss of AC-DC conversion efficiency. Taking 10W output power as an example, if a 1W high voltage LED with a forward voltage drop of 50V is used, the output can be configured with 2 and 4 strings, and the forward voltage drop of 4 series LEDs is 200V, which means that only from the city Electric 220V alternating current (AC) using bridge rectifier and drop 20V on it. However, if we use a 1W low-voltage LED with a forward voltage drop of 3V, even if the forward voltage drop of 10 strings is not more than 30V, it means that we need to step down from 220V AC to 30VDC. We know that the lower the differential pressure between input and output, the higher the conversion efficiency from AC to DC. It can be seen that if a high voltage LED is used, the efficiency of the transformer can be greatly improved, which can greatly reduce the power loss during AC-DC conversion. A reduction in heat consumption can further reduce the cost of the heat sink.

Therefore, if high-voltage LEDs are used to develop LED general lighting products, the overall power consumption can be greatly reduced, thereby greatly reducing the design requirements for heat-dissipating housings. For example, we can meet the heat dissipation requirements of LED lamps with a thinner, lighter aluminum housing. Since the cost of the heat-dissipating aluminum housing is one of the major cost components of the LED lighting, the cost reduction of the aluminum housing also means that the overall cost of the LED lighting is effectively reduced.

It can be seen that high-voltage LEDs can bring about an effective reduction in the cost and weight of LED lighting fixtures, but its more important significance is to significantly reduce the design requirements of the cooling system, which effectively clears the largest LED lighting fixtures into the indoor lighting market. Technical obstacles. Therefore, high-voltage LEDs will dominate the future of the LED general lighting market.

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