Lenovo's stock price hits a 5-year high or buys Sharp's TV plant in China

Lenovo's share price hits a new 5-year high or buys Sharp's TV plant in China Yesterday (January 17), Lenovo Group's stock price opened higher and lower, with the highest point reaching 7.80 yuan per share, affected by news that NBA basketball superstars were announced as Lenovo mobile phone spokespersons, Lenovo, and Sharp's cooperative television business on the previous day. new highs.

Although the statistical report released by the market research firm IDC last Friday showed that in the fourth quarter of 2012, HP shipped more than 15 million units to Lenovo and regained the leading position in the PC industry. However, this news did not affect the market's expectations of Lenovo. In fact, after Yang Yuanqing regained his CEO position in March 2009, Lenovo’s share price has been rising steadily.

In recent days, Lenovo's business changes frequently. Following the announcement of the splitting of the two major business groups earlier this month, according to the “Japan Economic News Report” on the 17th, Lenovo and Sharp’s television business cooperation negotiations have come to an end and Lenovo is expected to acquire Sharp’s LCD TV factory in China. "If the acquisition is successful, it will be a good start for Lenovo to develop television services in the future," said Lu Jiebo, deputy secretary-general of the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce.

Contrary to Lenovo, Lenovo’s performance in the PC market has been worrying in recent years. Since August 2010, Hewlett-Packard Co.’s stock price has declined year after year due to slow movements in the mobile market, layoffs, and lack of leadership training. At present, the stock price from the highest point of 2010, 47.56 US dollars per share, has dropped to about 17 US dollars per share yesterday, a drop of up to 64%, the value of the company's shareholder assets detract from tens of billions of dollars.

However, for Lenovo's brand positioning and status, CEO Yang Yuanqing was still modest. “We are not yet a world-renowned brand, but at least it is a famous brand in the world.” The famous British magazine “The Economist” pointed out that if you want to become a truly international brand and develop the international market with high quality, Lenovo must solve problems such as over-reliance on the Chinese market and low product profits.

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