Lenovo Y450 and Y460 contrast

Recently, the Lenovo IdeaPad Y460, the much-anticipated Lenovo brand new "y-y", was officially launched. Compared to its predecessor, the Y450, the Y460 has made a lot of changes in terms of design and internal configuration, as well as the layout of the interface and various details of the fuselage. Among the most interesting are the following:

First of all, Y460 adopts a new platform collocation method of the I-series processor + ATI HD5650 single graphics card and integrated graphics dual graphics, how much better than the Y450 of the T6600 + GT 240M platform? It is the primary issue that many consumers are concerned about.

Secondly, what changes have been made to the new Y460 in comparison with the Y450 in appearance design, body details, interface equipment, and overall thickness?

Third, does the Y460 with dual graphics cards and I-series processors have improved quality in terms of heat dissipation compared to the Y450? It is also a problem that many friends are very concerned about.

Finally, what exactly is the "novelty" place of Y460 compared with Y450? It is also a topic of concern.

Compared to the overall appearance of the Lenovo Y460 launched this time compared with the red-hot Y450, has made a lot of changes in the appearance, especially the design of the top cover pattern has undergone a very obvious change, although following the Y450's "city impression "Hexagon pattern, but it broke the regular arrangement of the pattern, the use of chaos in an orderly layout of the layout of the appropriate blank, but also to the user's perception of the roof texture has a difference.

In addition to the change in the top cover, the bottom of the Y460 has a new design of the cooling window, pane style design style compared to the bottom of the Y450 cooling window, incorporating more elements of Chinese style.

In the design of the screen shaft, the Y460 is also more refined. Although no real metal shaft is used, good polishing and angular application make the shaft more metal-like.

From the comparison of the appearance of the Y460 and Y450 models, we can see that the design of the Y460 still has a clear difference with the Y450, but these obvious differences do not make the Y460 out of the “small y” family. Design style, but only through some changes in details, so that this new "small y" more refined and more beautiful.

Comparison of the body details In the comparison process, we found that in addition to the overall appearance of the Y460 design and the Y450 is different, some changes in the details of the fuselage is also obvious.

First of all, in the configuration of the camera, Y460 is equipped with a layer of metal protection ring for the camera, compared to the Y450 "straight" camera, Y460's camera is obviously more beautiful, more robust.

Speaker playback is poor, has always been the weaknesses of the laptop, and this launch of the Y460 series uses a good audio JBL speaker configuration, which is not the previous Y450, is also a major selling point of the Y460 series.

Due to the adoption of the ATI HD5650 discrete graphics card, there are differences between the labeling of the Y460 wrist rest and the Y450. From the comparison of the figure below, we can also see that the wrist rest width of Y460 and Y450 is basically the same.

Although both the Y450 and the Y460 have received Dolby certification, the location of the two labels is not the same. At the same time, from the following figure, we can see that the design of Y460 and Y450 at the bottom of the fuselage slope is also very different, this design is also conducive to the Y460 thickness reduction.

Comparison of Lenovo Y450 and Y460 battery life test This time, the Y460 and the Y450 that we reviewed have all adopted the same 6-cell lithium battery. However, the difference between the two hardware platforms should have a certain impact on the final battery life.

Although both batteries have the same capacity and appearance, their power adapters are completely different. From the comparison chart below, we can see that the elongated side of the left side is the adapter of Y460, while the flat side of the right side is the adapter of Y450.

Lenovo IdeaPad Y460 and Y450 bottom slope design is different whether it is a new camera, or JBL speaker, or the difference of the bottom slope, the Y460 fuselage details of the changes once again reflects the new "small y" fine .

Although there is a big difference in the appearance of the keyboard between the Y460 and the Y450, there is little difference in the design and selection of the keyboard.

Although we chose the white Y450 and the gray Y460 for comparison, we can still see from the figure below that the two touchpads are designed with the exception of the Y460's left and right buttons that become glossy materials. Regardless of the area of ​​the touchpad or in some details, there is almost no difference between the two.

The biggest difference between the touchpad and the Y460 and Y450 keyboards is the functional buttons on the front of the keyboard. From the following comparison chart, we see that the Y460 on the right has a large number of function keys on the front of the keyboard, and the Y450 is Only set the power button and restore button, the difference is more obvious.

Comparison of function keys at the top of the keyboard (left: Y450/right: Y460)

There is no difference between the keyboard size and the keycap shape and area.

Keycaps are the same size (left: Y450/right: Y460)

The design of the keyboard part is the smallest difference between the old and new “small y”. Except for the difference between the function button setting and the left and right buttons on the touch panel, the Other parts are almost identical.

Comparison of Interface Types and Layouts As people change their perception of the interface of the airframe and their sense of identity, the new model will inevitably make changes in the types and layout of interfaces. The new Y460 is no exception. Next, let's look at Look, compared with the Y450, the Y460 has differences in the interface layout and equipment.

Front-end layout changes In the design of the front-end interface and related function keys and indicator lights, the Y460 has three changes compared to the Y450:

First, the Y460 front-end function indicator has changed to two, while the Y450 has three.

Second, the Y460 removes the headphone/microphone jack from the front.

Third, the Y460 canceled the design of the infrared interface and added a device switch.

Comparison of left interface layout types Compared with Y450, on the left side of the fuselage interface configuration and layout, Y460 made a new design, increase the headset / microphone jack, cancel the Y450 leftmost security keyhole, VGA Two interfaces related to the video output are combined with HDMI, and the network port and the USB interface are separated from each other by a heat dissipation window.

Right side interface layout type Comparison of the right side of the fuselage interface, Y460 and Y450 compared to a larger adjustment, canceled the IEEE1394 interface design, the Y450 rear USB interface mentioned on the right front of the fuselage, and in the right The rear side is designed with a power jack and security keyhole, and retains the eSATA/USB hybrid interface design.

In addition, through the above comparison chart, we can also see that the optical drive of Y460 and Y450 is slightly different in appearance, but the positions of the two are roughly the same and there is no obvious change.

Thickness vs. Weight As a newly designed product, the Y460's first impression is that it is thinner than the Y450, but at first glance it is not very obvious, but after measurement, it still confirms our feeling.

Top cover thickness contrast (left: Y450/right: Y460)

Through the caliper measurement, we see that the thickness of the top cover of the Y460 is less than 1 cm, while the thickness of the top cover of the Y450 on the left is close to 1.1 cm, and the difference is still more obvious.

The difference in thickness of the fuselage but the difference in the thickness of the two fuselage is not very clear. Using the steel rule as a reference, we can see that the Y450's fuselage is indeed thicker than the Y460.

With battery weight comparison (Left: Y450 / Right: Y460)

Finally, let's look at the weight comparison between the two cases with batteries. The left side Y450 is 2.3kg, while the right side Y460 is slightly lighter. Although the weight of 2.25kg does not actually reduce the weight, the two There are still some differences.

Comparison of Lenovo Y450 and Y460 battery life test This time, the Y460 and the Y450 that we reviewed have all adopted the same 6-cell lithium battery. However, the difference between the two hardware platforms should have a certain impact on the final battery life.

Same as 6-cell lithium battery (left: Y450/right: Y460)

Although both batteries have the same capacity and appearance, their power adapters are completely different. From the comparison chart below, we can see that the elongated side of the left side is the adapter of Y460, while the flat side of the right side is the adapter of Y450.

The Power Adapter is very different (left: Y460/right: Y450)

The Lenovo Y460 sent to the test using the HD5650 dual graphics card with significant independence and integrated graphics, and we only tested the battery life of the discrete graphics in the battery life test.

Comparison of Lenovo Y450 and Y460 heat-dissipation tests For many users concerned about the Y460 heat problem, we also conducted a comparative test. During the test process, we used the long-running 3D game to gradually increase the heat dissipation of the machine, and then to the C surface and A total of 9 areas at the bottom have been tested for heat dissipation. The final results are shown in the two bar graphs below.

As can be seen from the test results, the Y460 equipped with the I5-430M and the HD5650 alone is not inferior to the Y450 equipped with the T6600+GT240M in terms of the amount of heat dissipated on the C-surface, but the area with a large amount of heat has changed. At the bottom of the heat dissipation, the Y460 is obviously better than the Y450. At the same time, the Y460 equipped with dual graphics cards will reduce the heat dissipation after switching to integrated graphics.

The Y450, which was launched at a mainstream price of around 5,000 yuan and features the T6600 processor and the GT240M high-performance discrete graphics card, has attracted the attention of many consumers since its launch. As a cost-effective home gaming entertainment product, the Y450's high performance and low price are in stark contrast, which is undoubtedly the key to its success.

As the Y460, which bears the burden of continuation of the classics, its launch coincides with the transformation period of the computer industry. Although the launch of the Intel Core I mobile processor, the computing speed of the notebook processor has increased by a big step. However, the higher cost of the new processor also makes the "small y", which was originally known as cost-effective, destined to erase the "high cost-effectiveness" aura. However, the new "small y" has the strong performance that will not disappoint you.

Personal comparison summary: performance beyond the predecessors, cost-effective super good remember before Lenovo released this Y460, many Lenovo players have high hopes for this.

Now, the new “Little y” shocked the market, the new design concept, powerful hardware configuration, let people see the rate of victory and defeat in the IT industry.

In fact, after the comparison, everyone will clearly find that the Y460 is far more than the Y450 as a whole, and the appearance is also reborn. While looking at the notebook market, there are few books such as the Y460 configuration. Many manufacturers use low-end graphics cards in order to control the price of the product to the mainstream price range, instead allowing the processor's performance capacity to be doubled.

For my own personal feeling, the Y460 is worth a thousand dollars in comparison to the Y450's popular offer. Although this book is currently more than 5k mainstream price on the market, it is for the players who are chasing fashion and experiencing the thrill of gaming. This is definitely a worthwhile investment. We can't compare the Y460 and Y450, because the bizarre situation created by the replacement of the IT industry is unmatched.

But for today's Y460 with the United States, ladies and gentlemen, the shot when it shot!

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