Lianjian Optoelectronics: will deepen the expansion of LED display and LED outdoor advertising industry

On September 16, Lianjian Optoelectronics Secretary-General Zhong Juying said that the company will deepen the expansion of LED display and LED outdoor advertising industry, and expand the business of LED display and outdoor LED large-screen advertising through outsourcing.

For the company's annual operations, Zhong Juying also said that the company's small-pitch products this year, such as LED advertising machines, LED TV sets, small-pitch HD screens will have a large increase.

Zhong Juying introduced that in order to provide more support for the company's main business, the company extended vertically to the downstream media industry and established Linkage Culture (Beijing) Co., Ltd. to build a national urban landmark LED outdoor network. At present, the linkage media advertising media has covered more than 40 cities, 37 business districts, nearly 100 urban trunk roads and 45 landmark buildings. The average daily coverage of more than 32 million mainstream consumers is at the same time. The development of cultural strategy, the company also proposed a thousand screen strategic cooperation plan - the construction of 1000 outdoor LED advertising large screen in 300 cities across the country.

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