New Long Life, Energy-Saving AR111 and MR16 LED Modules from Dialight

August 05, 2009 - Applied LED technology specialist, Dialight, has introduced Powerwhite® AR111 and MR16 fully modular circular arrays using the latest ultra high brightness LEDs as highly efficient and long lasting retro-fittable alternatives for conventional lighting fixtures.

The Powerwhite® MR16 module.
The Powerwhite® AR111 modules.
Operating at just 10 watts compared to 35 watts used by traditional sources, the MR16 module can save over 70% on energy. These circular, solid state Powerwhite® LED modules are completely free of hazardous materials and can perform for over 50,000 hours. Manufactured in The UK under Dialight's controlled manufacturing process, they are available in a choice of colours and colour temperatures.

• Spot lighting
• Accent lighting
• Flood lighting
• General illumination
• Architectural lighting
• Machine vision
• Display cases

• Casing - ADC10 Aluminium Alloy
• Finish - Anodised Satin Silver
• Connection - Cage Clamp Connectors
• Optics - Dialight-Lumidrives Optics
• Lens Cover - Polycarbonate 143R
• Rear Cover - Polycarbonate 143R
• Heatsink - ADC10 Aluminum Alloy, Black Anodised Finish

The modules of premium flux LUXEON® RebelTM LEDs, 100+ lumens for cool white, 100+ lumens for neutral white and 50+ lumens for warm white. Both modules provide >70% lumen maintenance @ 50,000 hours at
The max ambient operating temperature of 40°C. For more details please download the datasheets of Powerwhite® MR16 and Powerwhite® AR111 or visit Dialight .

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