Panasonic will be listed in Japan's first LED lighting fixture with adjustable illumination range

Japan's Matsushita Electric Works will be listed on December 1, 2011 in Japan. The industry's first LED lighting fixture with variable light function can adjust the illumination range. A total of 10 products are available, including the "EVERLEDS" series of LED spotlights and universal recessed lights (ceiling-embedded lighting). It can be used in clothing stores, grocery stores, restaurants, art galleries, museums, etc.

The lighting fixtures listed this time have the function of variable light distribution. By rotating the top of the appliance, the distance between the light source and the lens can be changed, and the illumination range can be flexibly adjusted between the small angle, the middle angle and the wide angle. Another advantage is that the lighting effect of the product can be interpreted according to the layout of the store. Even if the display method cannot be determined at the lighting design stage, it can be adjusted on the spot according to the situation after completion.

For example, when the layout of the two models is changed to a model and the layout of the booth in the clothing store, the two models are placed separately by the mid-angle light distribution. After the layout is replaced, the model is illuminated by the mid-angle light distribution, and the wide angle is used. Light illuminates the booth. Ordinary spotlights cannot adjust the illumination range, so light cannot reach both ends of the stand. When the slogan is illuminated, it can be adjusted according to the size and range of the text.

A separate dimming type product that adjusts the brightness of each appliance between 5 and 100% depending on the subject is also added to the spotlight. Its brightness is equivalent to the original 50 (50W) products, power consumption is 13.3 ~ 14W. The life of the light source is 40,000 hours. Panasonic said it will strive to sell a total of 10,000 units in 2012.

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