ROHM develops high power LED driver module for lighting

ROHM has recently developed an insulated LED driver module that is ideal for LED lighting fixtures that use LEDs for show lighting, landscape lighting, residential lighting, facility lighting, and disaster prevention lighting.

The quantity is 50,000; there are three other models to start mass production before September. The production process was completed at ROHM Ganmu Co., Ltd. (Shizuoka Prefecture), ROHMELECTRONICSDALIANCO., LTD. (Dalian, China).

In recent years, in the case of lighting fixtures, the use of long-life LEDs with low power consumption to replace the original fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps has increased. LEDs are being used in many applications such as traffic lights, ceiling lights, spotlights, and light guides.

In addition, if some of the high-end cars use LEDs for their headlights, the demand for LED lighting will continue to increase.

Therefore, based on the technology developed in the previous development of AC/DC converters, ROHM developed an industry-leading LED driver module using a constant current circuit that is most suitable for driving LEDs. High efficiency and high precision are achieved by controlling the loss to a minimum with a current detecting circuit.

Moreover, since the control circuit, the switching element, the transformer, and the constant current circuit required in the switching power supply are all included in one package, only a small number of external components are required to constitute the power supply circuit.

Advantages of high power LED driver modules for lighting

1) The input voltage is DC113V~170V (can be converted to AC80V~120V)

2) There is a constant current output that is most suitable for driving the LED (the external resistor can be used to set the current value)

3) The ambient temperature causes a small change in the constant current value (±1%: actual value)

4) Power conversion efficiency reaches the industry's top level - 85% (2% to 8% higher than the original)

5) Use a small SIP11 package with built-in switching transformer (L × H × D = 32.9 × 25.0 × 15.1: mmMax.)


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