SARFT actively promotes the development of information consumption

Promoting the development of “information consumption” is an important part of China’s current economic development. In 2014, the State Council’s Government Work Report included this as a key work, and required relevant departments to seriously explore ways to promote the development of information consumption, and gradually solve the current challenges. Constraints. The State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television actively carries out research and analysis, and takes effective measures to actively promote the development of information consumption in the radio and film industry.

Actively implement the "Broadband China" strategy. The State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television has organized research on key technologies such as the next-generation radio and television network (NGB), emergency broadcasting, smart television, and digital audio broadcasting. It has formulated and issued 10 standards for the next generation of radio and television networks in 10 cities including Shanghai. The NGB demonstration network was established to cover more than 50 million users; the number of direct-view satellite users has exceeded 10 million, greatly improving the level of public services. The next step will be to actively communicate with the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance, and the Ministry of Science and Technology, continue to promote related work, and vigorously promote the next-generation radio and television network (NGB) scale construction, accelerate the completion of the integration of wired and wireless, integrated world, the whole network of the next generation of broadcast Television network. The first is to continue to push key technologies for NGB research. To study the key technologies, networking modes, collaborative working mechanisms, and operation modes of broadcast and television networks with coordinated coverage of wired, wireless, and satellite intelligence; to develop R&D services such as broadcast and television full media; and to research and apply key technologies for intelligent convergence terminals; Intelligent TV Operating System (TVOS) industrialization; Research on NGB broadband access technologies HIDOC, C-DOCSIS, and C-HPA 2.0 technologies to further increase NGB broadband access capabilities. The second is to promote the universal application of technical standards such as NGB broadband access and downloadable conditional access. The third is to guide and promote the conditional cable television network, carry out NGB network transformation and business development, and gradually expand the scale of NGB construction.

Actively promote triple play. The State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television attached great importance to the integration of the three networks, and held a number of special research and deployment plans for the conference. It actively took the initiative to work with relevant departments. In the pilot phase of triple play, all work was carried out in an orderly manner, and the consumption of information related to triple play was rapidly growing; China Radio and TV Network Co., Ltd. has officially established and operated as the main body of the triple play market; the total platform for IPTV integrated play control and provincial points The platform and mobile TV integrated broadcasting and control platform were completed and put into use as planned, providing users with rich and varied program content, which greatly promoted the development of triple-play services such as IPTV and mobile TV. The State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology jointly formulated and submitted to the State Council a Work Plan for the Promotion of the Integration of Tri-Networks, which has been reviewed and approved in principle by the State Council's Tri-Network Integration Coordination Group. In the next step, with regard to the fact that the understanding of triple play still existing in some areas is still not uniform, the cooperative relationship between telecommunications and broadcasting and TV companies is not straightened out, and the actual problems such as the two-way access of cable TV companies fail to substantively conduct business, the Bureau will actively discuss related issues. Departments, strengthen communication and coordination, strengthen the guidance for triple-play companies, proceed from the overall situation, support each other, work closely together, and work hard to promote the comprehensive development of triple play across the country.

Regulate the order of the Internet TV industry and promote healthy development. In view of the recent phenomenon that programs containing bad content enter the TV screen from the Internet through illegal channels, the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television has violated the laws and regulations related to radio and television management and violated the market order and disseminated bad content in the development of the Internet TV industry. Through centralized rectification, the content of Internet TV broadcasts has been significantly improved, which has effectively maintained the green health of TV screens, maintained national information security and cultural security, and promoted Internet TV licensees, manufacturing companies, and network operating companies and other industrial chain stakeholders. It has gradually entered the track of healthy, healthy and sustainable development, laying a solid foundation for the further prosperity and development of China's Internet TV industry. At the same time, the next step will also promote the research of key technologies for Internet TV digital copyright, introduce relevant technical standards, protect the rights of broadcast and television programs, and promote the orderly development of Internet TV.

Actively cultivate information consumption needs. The State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television has provided triple play services and rich new forms of broadcasting and television in more than 30 cities, and achieved unified network planning, unified business operations, and unified content supervision. The next step will further enrich and perfect the new format of broadcasting and television, increase the level of development and sharing of information resources, and at the same time cooperate with the formation of the national radio and television network company, actively support and guide State Grid Corporation to apply for a fixed network basic telecommunications business license, and fulfill the national triple play market Responsibilities, and focus on promoting the construction of a nationwide radio and television network interconnection and interoperability platform, timely launching an interconnection platform, and building a center (content distribution and switching center), three systems (operation support system, monitoring system, backbone transmission system), and six Business bases (broadcast television services, cultural resources, digital television publications, digital television interactive education, integrated information services, digital television Internet), promote the interconnection of radio and television networks across the country and the sharing of information resources.

We must do a good job in ensuring network and information security. The State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television has organized and conducted the 2014 network security inspection of the radio and television industry in accordance with the relevant requirements and deployment of the Central Cyber ​​Security and Informationization Leading Group on conducting national cyber security inspections. At the same time, a nationwide radio and television security broadcast inspection was conducted to comprehensively inspect the relevant technical systems, management systems, and personnel management of radio and television broadcast security, carefully investigate and plug system security loopholes, and implement information security precautions. To ensure the safety of radio and television broadcasts. In the next step, aiming at the problems existing in the broadcasting of broadcast and television, the first is to formulate regulations for the supervision and administration of radio and television monitoring, and to revise the implementation rules for the broadcasting of radio and television security in response to the information security risks faced by broadcasting and television. The second is to continue to promote the development of key TV OS technology. On the basis of TVOS 1.0, continue to improve and optimize related technical systems, develop prototype devices for smart TVs and carry out relevant tests, study measures related to the technical standards for smart TV set-top terminals, and launch TVOS 1.0 scale application tests to accelerate the promotion of broadcast TV terminals. Standardize the intelligentization process, promote the development of related technology industrialization, promote information consumption, and ensure information security.

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