Taiwan's sapphire substrate plant Q2 capacity is full of multi-company investment in the mainland to set up factories

Due to the better-than-expected operation of the LED factory in the second quarter, the capacity of the Taiwan Sapphire Substrate Factory Sapphire Substrate Plant in the second quarter was fully loaded. The investment rate of the Taiji Optoelectronics investment in Yuefeng has almost reached the high level since the second and third quarters of 2011. At the level, since 2002, Zhaoyuan Technology's customers have also doubled.

Taiju Optoelectronics paid the best monthly single-month score since 2012 in April, with revenue of NT$67.02 million. Yuefeng said that the orders received by Taiju Optoelectronics in May and June are relatively clear, and it is expected that the monthly rate of production will remain high.

Zhao Yuan said that with the growth of backlight modules and lighting, customers have doubled in 2012. According to customer orders, there is still a lot of room for growth. At present, some of the substrate plant production capacity is full. At the same time, Zhao Yuan said that the high value-added patterned substrate is currently out of stock, mainly due to the changes in the specifications of LED TV, coupled with the phenomenon of heating in the LED lighting market, so the price of patterned substrates has a tendency to increase.

The industry is optimistic about the growth of LED in the second half of 2012. Zhaoyuan, Jingmei and Xinjing Diamond have set up factories in the mainland to expand production capacity and strive to increase market share in mainland China to strengthen growth momentum.

The board of directors of Jingmei increased its capital by NT$215.6 million to set up a sapphire substrate factory in Yancheng, Jiangsu Province. Xinjing Diamond also decided to set up a sapphire substrate factory for NT$250 million. The board of directors of Zhaoyuan added an additional capital expenditure of US$15 million to Shandong. The substrate factory Hongguang, Zhaoyuan will be the first polished sapphire substrate factory in the mainland.

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