The box also plays the human-computer interaction. Do you make it?

As a supplement to non-smart TVs, the box has become a new industry after a period of development. Under the influence of the laws of the market, most of the boxes left behind have their own unique features and loyal users. Xiao Bian's deepest impression is that YUK-K1, the flagship version of Youku, is able to achieve human-machine interaction through voice. Today, we let us appreciate the charm of zero distance.

Box parameter analysis

Youku box CPU uses Rockchip RK3288, the world's first Cortex-A17 chip, Mali-T764 series GPU chip, support 4Kx2K real-time hard solution H.265, HDMI2.0. From the point of view of parameters, quad-core does not occupy obvious advantages in the eight-core nuclear box market. But the good experience of the box is not a simple stacking of hardware, but also uses and systems, just like Apple did. So what's the ultimate version of the ultimate box that can be configured? Let us wait and see.

Use environment broadband: China Mobile 10M fiber, WIFI TV: Sony KDL46EX720
Route: Youku Tuobao Bao YK-L1w
Mobile phone: 360N4

Out of the box

How good is the value of Youku box? Immediately announced

The outer packaging of the box is made of yellow cowhide cardboard. The shape of the box and the Youku logo are drawn with black lines on the front and the CIBN Internet TV is marked on the upper right corner, which shows the identity of the genuine content of the CIBN's broadcast control platform. Somewhat worried is that the corner was bumped and the box did not know if it was hurt? Oh, violent transport.

On the left and right sides are sealing stickers, the lower part is the information of the box and the manufacturer's information, regular manufacturers usually practice. The standard of product implementation is still very representative. It seems that Youku has conducted relevant tests on lightning protection, wireless signal and security. Popularize the meaning of the standard number.

GB9254-2008: Radio disturbance limits and measurement methods for information technology equipment

YD/T993-1998: Technical Requirements and Test Methods for Lightning Protection of Telecom Terminal Equipment

GB4943.1-2011: Security of Information Technology Equipment

Gently open the seal, stick a layer of paper, really anti-counterfeiting effect! The package uses a heaven and earth cover, open the cover, there is a thin sponge inside, can better protect the top of the set-top box. At the bottom of the box is a wrap-around set-top box. The box is intact! The box has finally unveiled a mysterious pebble design with a rounded pebble design. The red and blue fonts of Youku LOGO are inlaid on it. Surprise!

The way the bottom box used the bunk bed, the top bunk was a box, and the bottom bunk was of course its brother. The HD line, manual and battery can be seen at a glance. The power supply and remote control are all packaged in a kraft carton.

Power and remote control look like? It is said that there are hidden younger brothers? Take a look at the family portrait.

Alas, the power supply uses a split-body design, remote control is a 12-button voice remote control, and there is no certificate of compliance?

Remove the top plastic protective film, the United States and the United States to appreciate the true capacity of the box. Rounded pebbled design with no fingerprints on the top and bottom central matte material. In addition to the basic information on the bottom of the product, there is also a non-slip rubber pad, which can effectively increase the damping. The edge of the box is a paint process. Only the LOGO is embedded in the center of the box, which is a very clean feeling. HDMI, USB, TF card, power port, network cable interface are all available to meet the basic needs.

The 12-button voice remote control is very sophisticated and can realize the traditional remote control function. At the same time, the Bluetooth logo also explains the remote control connection. What's hard to come by is the random donation of batteries. The service is very intimate.

The power adapter is a rectangular fixed plug, separated from the data line design, piano paint is even more upscale, but the baking process also brings fingerprints. Input power 0.5A, box's standard power consumption.

The manual and warranty card are integrated and printed on yellow kraft paper. The content is very detailed, Xiao Bai also can operate independently according to the instructions.

Let's look at the details again. The joints are handled well, with no frizz and crevices. Anti-slip pads are very secure. However, fingerprints and electrostatic adsorption are unavoidable defects in the baking process.

Hardware evaluation non-professional, for reference only

The box's hardware is one of the indicators to measure the performance of the box.

Look at the performance of the CPU to meet the home without problems

Looking at the graphics processing capability NenaMARK 2.4 again, the results were surprising and very good.

Take a look at the video format support, the total test results are perfect, support format 30, incomplete support format and unsupported format 0

WIFI analyzer TV version test, only the author's Youku routing treasure only 2.4G, so the test can only be carried out under 2.4G.


Open the set-top box and follow the boot wizard prompts to complete the initial setup. Note: Remote control and box matching must be successful and you cannot skip this step.

The first entry interface is very streamlined. In the upper left corner, the CIBN logo indicates that the contents of the box are from the regular channels, and the upper right corner is the settings and time information. On the left are common search, watch history, and favorites that are easy to use and open at any time. The center to the right is the CIBN recommended content. With the magnets, the current hottest resources are displayed irrespective of the categories. At the bottom are navigation keys for TV dramas, movies, variety shows, channels, mines, and apps.

The search supports the first letter, and the number keys are also in the search interface. Take Xianzhiyunzhi as an example, with the input XJ, the right side shows the specific content, convenient and quick.

There are several basic parameters that can be adjusted in the settings.

The important setting is to play, according to their own preferences, different parameter settings.

When the system version can be upgraded, the available updates of the setup interface will flash to prompt. Of course, l can't upgrade myself.

The TV drama page has a simple classification on the left side, with different size magnets, showing hit series, there is always one you like.

For fans, it can also find hot spots of concern. The hit and the cinema guarantee the topic of chatting with friends.

The variety show attracts the most attention. Reality show and Korean TV's high ratings have your contribution?

Channels are organized according to the classification of the content of the film and television, and it is more convenient to select the category that you want to see. In particular, the 3D and 4K experience areas have been added. Although there is not much content, the icing on the cake is still liked.

Both the ID information and the viewing history are on the "My" page. You can find the type and progress of watching the drama at any time to facilitate viewing.

The application installed in the box is of course reflected in the "application", with the recommended icon being the unsold cool market preference.

Click on more games and apps to go directly to the cool market.

Cool Market is a converged application, living and entertainment game.

Regardless of the interface, the direction of the remote control is always up. The hidden option is displayed above the setting - mobile device. Here you can see internal storage and supported external storage.

Remote control and box features are voice remote control. Press and hold the blue voice button on the remote control. The white indicator will flash once. The screen prompts voice assistant activation. Xiaobian said the movie, voice assistant automatic recognition into Chinese characters search, about 3S after the screen into the movie interface. If the speaking speed is slightly faster or non-Putonghua or more than 50 cm away, the recognition rate is not very high.

Take the installation of "Phoenix Weather" as an example and see if the installation is easy. In the cool market to find the Phoenix weather, click on the download to download the installation interface, and then move the direction, click Next to enter the installation interface installation, you can open.

Corresponding to the installation is to uninstall, find Phoenix weather icon, click to select uninstall until successful.

The installation process of the King of Fighters 97 is similar to that of the Phoenix weather and is not repeated. It is worth mentioning that the entire game runs smoothly and has sufficient configuration.

Want to feel more cool box experience, install Goku remote control in the cool market, mobile phone scan code to install the client. After the cell phone is connected to the box, the rest is free to play, or it is not a screenshot, you know.

After the experience, press the remote power button to select Shutdown, Standby, and Cancel. If you do not use it for a long time, it is recommended that you unplug the power after you turn off the power. After all, standby power consumption, of course, except for Tyrant.

Summary suggestion

The excellent brand, high quality and good reputation of Youku Box, coupled with the smooth running of games, audio and video applications, and daily use are enough, you can consider for medium and small players. In order to make Youku box a higher level, Xiao Bian made the following recommendations, hoping to enter the sights of Youku:

1. Correct the remote control prompt in the manual. “Using two 230mAh button batteries” is actually a 7# battery

2, it is recommended that the bottom and edge of the box open vents, can better control the temperature rise.

3, it is recommended to increase "batch uninstall" function, moderate players need.

4. It is recommended to give away the wiping cloth to avoid the side effects of the baking paint process.

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