Yiguang Q2 combined revenues increased by nearly 30% and estimated that Q3 will grow by 20%

[High-tech LED News] Yiguang announced its first-half financial report. Q2 consolidated revenue was NT$5.449 billion, up 27.76% from Q1, operating gross profit was 1.353 billion yuan, up 22.44% from Q1, and single-quarter consolidated gross profit margin was 24.83. %, the pre-tax surplus was 486 million yuan, which was 13.05% lower than Q1, and the after-tax surplus was 429 million yuan, 6.12% lower than Q1;

In the first half of the year, the consolidated operating income of the company was NT$9.715 billion, operating gross profit was 2.458 billion yuan, consolidated gross profit margin was 25.3%, pre-tax surplus was 1.045 billion yuan, post-tax surplus was 886 million yuan, and earnings per share was 2.12. yuan.

Yiguang said that due to poor market conditions, the current capacity utilization rate is about 70% to 80%. It is estimated that Q3 revenue will drop 10% compared with Q2. However, due to the signs of recovery in September, Q4 is expected to improve. The revenue ratio in the first half of this year is 1:1.

In the first half of the year, Everlight's revenue accounted for about 17% of revenue, and LED lighting accounted for about 8%. As LED lighting demand increased, it is estimated that LED lighting Q3 revenue will grow 20% compared with Q2 and 10% when Q4. It can grow to 15% next year.

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